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Thread: Bush Pilot needed

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    Post Bush Pilot needed

    I am planning a hunt in 2010 for either Moose or Caribou for myself and my brother. I would like to get a better idea on what the cost would be for drop off and pick up fee for a bush pilot. We have our own gear. If we elect to go for Moose then what would be the assumed cost of of the fees be including a folda boat and motor? also what would be the best time of year for Caribou? and is it possible to do a combo hunt with Caribou and Moose? if so what areas seem best suited for that? suggestions on a good bush pilot?

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    Default Top notch pilots, good hunting areas

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    $3,285.50 is a good number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AGL4now View Post
    $3,285.50 is a good number.
    OK Dude - since you were kind enough to give cost detail down to the half dollar, I'm gonna have to request an itemized breakdown of your cost figure.

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    Default Location?

    Do you have any specific location in mind? The cost can run any where from 1000, to over 4000 each depending on where, when and how you plan to hunt. There are tons of details that need to be considered prior to factoring in cost. If you are looking at good chances on both Caribou and Moose, than that runs the price up, since most areas that hold good numbers of both are pretty remote, which means expensive.

    I know if you are planning on going out of Kotzebue you have to consider:
    Round trip to Kotz (300 or so from Anch)
    Shipping additional gear to Kotz or renting it there
    FLying into the Area (around 1000 -14000 per plane load)'
    Flying you and your meat out (same price as above but more trips)

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    Thumbs up Need Votes???

    Hello The Tophman...

    So in your first-ever post you asked for some guidance concerning the logistics and expenses of setting up "the big hunt", and you got like five initial responces, some very weak.

    Clearly, to generate more interest and responces, you need to post pictures of a babe... (See Hey Guys, This Girl...), like Rebecca did to generate responces and votes! You asked a serious hunting question, and get weak responces. Some babe wants votes and gets a hundred responces. ...go figure...?

    Ok, for a caribou hunt up north in unit 26 I would contact Mike McCrary (Mikes Air Taxi) or Coyote Air ( Ask Dirk/Coyote Air about moose also. ***If Mike is flying in that caribou country up north in 2010, he will be the most cost efficient, by far.***
    For a moose hunt out of Dillingham in unit 17 contact Bay Air, owned by Tom and Janet Schlagel, 907 842-2570.

    For a combo moose/caribou....I have no idea who to call.
    Check the archives...full of this stuff.

    Without a sizzling picture, this is as good as it gets.


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    Mike Strahan, long time forum member and now owner, wrote a book you need yesterday. Great resource that will answer your questions and about 100 you have yet to think of. Order below...

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