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Thread: Good places to find Ptarmigan

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    Default Good places to find Ptarmigan

    Where are some good places in the woods that i can find Ptarmigan hanging out??

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    Default Search button!

    Is definately going to be your best friend. Here is a thought... What kind? Rock or Willow? Either way you are going to need to gain some elevation. Also where are you looking at? I'm not trying to be a jerk. We just need some minor(actually major) details. Like Where you are? Where you pklan to go? What kind of hunting experience you have? Things of that nature. Everyone here is extremely knowledgeable and willing ot help but you have to do some research first. Anyways, that should get you started, so good luck.

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    Default Don't look in the woods

    Look up high this time of year, above timberline. In the spring they come down and you can find them amidst the scrub alder even at sea level.

    On the peninsula, you could try the pass at the end of Turnagain Arm, around Hope, or around Summit Lake.

    Up the Glenn you could try around Eureka.

    Up the Parks you could try off of Petersville Road, or around the Denali Highway area.

    The Richardson has Thompson Pass.

    Spring is always best.

    High power snowmachines are the absolute bane of ptarmigan because they can go anywhere now and the birds have nowhere to go anymore. If you can find a place where Snowmachines aren't allowed and strap on some snow shoes you stand a better chance of getting birds (or any game for that matter).


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