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Thread: Changing out a outdrive???

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    Default Changing out a outdrive???

    Can anyone tell me whats involved with removing a 800 OMC outdrive and installing a Volvo 280/290 or Douprop?
    Is it a reasonable undertaking?
    I would presume it could require patching the transom (fiberglass) and cutting a new opening?
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    Default Stringer mounting

    The 800 OMC had the motor mounted on the stringers with an adjuster at the front. To effectively use a volvo you will need to fill in the large hole from the stringer outdrive (800) then re-cut to the volvo pattern. The trick is getting the motor mounts to line up your motor with the couplers for the volvo it may take a bit of work and experimenting.
    I've replaced my 800 once and this new one has less than 100 hours on it. When it finally goes I'm gonna fill in the hole, pull the motor and buy one of those outboard brackets and throw a 225-250 outboard back there. Where the engine is will be a built in fish box. That old boat is that good.
    The 800 is nice but old technology. I'd recommend checking the outboard option unless you have a new great motor sitting there you really want to use. The cost of a bracket and motor is alot less than a new boat. Besides your boat is set up the way you like it or you wouldn't be re-driving it. Food for thought.

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    Default adapter?

    I've found as a option for myself an adapter coller to allow swapping out without having to fill-in the transom. It sounds like a easy bolt up application for around $600, but I wonder if it is a potential failure point? I dont know if it applies to the 800, but am curious if anyone has any experiance with these.


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