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Thread: Nelchina Caribou

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    Default Nelchina Caribou

    Has anyone seen any of the caribou around or did they all head east? Heard some were seen hanging around Sourdough, and the Denali HW.

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    I saw a herd of 10-12 cows and calves crossing just south of Summit Lake and another 4-5 just north of the lake on thursday. All were east of the road. Returned from Delta yesterday and didn't see any. All looked to be cows and calves. We returned from Delta yesterday and didn't see any but we weren't looking real hard. Good luck.

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    Default We've had

    quite a few (I would guess thousands) cross the AK highway between Northway and Tok. So at least part of the herd is in our part of the state now and they won't get back that way until late March/early April.

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    Default tangle lakes

    I was out on Sat and saw about 200 around Tangle Lakes, but the #'s were way down from the week before when I saw about 1000 around tangle lakes and Summit lake. Maybe those are some that Northway are seeing. I was hoping to get my 10 year old daughter her first. We got close to some but didn't get any shots.


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