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    My GF and I went bunny hunting near Glennallen this past weekend. Just as we were about to head into the woods a truck full of high school age kids fish tailed into the pullout we were at. I talked to one of the guys and told them where we were going for safety reasons. He assured me that they were going into a different area and would stay clear of us.

    About 20 minutes into our hunt I had already shot a couple bunnies and we noticed some .22 shots getting awfully close. My girlfriend was getting nervous because of the proximity of the shots, I assured her that it must just be the way they were shooting at the time. I had already talked to the guys by the road and they had said they were going nowhere near us!

    Not long after shooting a couple more rabbits we were surprised to look up and see the kids right next to us. I went up to talk to them again and they seemed to move away. We began to hunt once more to find several of the same group shooting behind us, and even more of the group shooting to the side of us. At this point I became quite angry and let them know. I was shooting a .22 mag and was worried about where everyone was at. My girlfriend was worried about getting shot. Needless to say we bailed and gave up the hunting spot.

    I realize we were probably in the better spot for bunnies. This was not an isssue for me, if the group would have told me that was where they were going I would have gone somewhere else.

    Luckily this incident ended without anyone getting shot, that I know of.

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    Thumbs down Thats gotta suck

    That just sucks. Sorry that you had to give up your spot. It just gets harder and harder to get away from the people every year
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    Default Sucks

    Yup, Losing hunting spots every year there are more people wanting to hunt and it gets harder to find spots. Sorry that you lost your spot. So how many bunnies did you end up with.
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    8 bunnies total.

    It really isn't losing my spot that has me bothered.

    It was clear to me that the other hunters were not taking in to consideration where to shoot/not shoot and where even members of their own group were located. I was brought up to respect firearms...this did not seem to be the case in what I witnessed this weekend.

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    I've ran in to this with people I hunted with. Needless to say they are no longer hunting partners and if I know there in the woods I go nowhere near. It just perplexes me that someone will go into the woods with a loaded gun and not have the common sense to handle it properly!!! I really think you should have to pass a common sense test to own a firearm. These people really put a bad name on the 99% of us doing the right thing.


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