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    I got my Sourdough holster from Simply Rugged Holsters in the mail today. It is for my modified 5" .44 mag Redhawk. As expected, it is a nicely crafted holster of excellent design. I had to get used to the first Sourdough I bought because they normally have no thumb break or safety strap, but the gun does not come out of the holster in normal use, meaning the thumps and bangs of trail carry and hunting use and concealed carry.
    I was surprised to find that they have moved to Phoenix, Arizona from Palmer and I wish them well there. Don't know how they'll handle that mummifying summer heat, but that's just me.

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    That's where he came from (as I did) but I am surprised he would go back to that hell hold.

    I have one of his holsters and like it also.
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    I'll ad my 2 cents worth also and giv them an a+ rating for their craftmanship and design.
    I have a couple of them and like both.
    No need for a thumb strap an eather design.
    The move south suprises me too.

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    Default Long as the quality remains

    I'm good with it. I'm sure he had his reasons. The holster I got is one tough piece of gear. Might get a "chesty puller" set-up for easy carry.

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    He must have just moved as he was in the valley early in the spring when I bought mine. I did order mine with the strap as it is removable for the times you do not want it. Nice stuff.

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    I went by his garage sale late summer so its been since then.


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