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Thread: Any Luck Ice fishing Lately?

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    Default Any Luck Ice fishing Lately?

    Just looking for any updates of ice fishing local lakes in anchorage or Mat-Su Valley. Thinking about trying Sand Lake again. Maybe the Kepler-Bradley lakes would be a good option.

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    Default Sand lake

    if the wind is not blowing too hard I'll be there.... I've got some good advice on catching huge trout down there.....

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    I have never caught fish out at Sand Lake, everybody else around me has, caught some nice ones at Jewel Lake, and lots of fun at Delong Lake.
    Those flourescent yellow shrimp we bought at B&J's are slaying them. I think the guys name at B&J is Alfonso, he recomended it on the little plane hooks, with one end bent up so that it spirals down. Best advice I received so far this year for ice fishing.
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    Default no sucess at big lake

    went to big lake this morning and i was skunked. the ice was at least 2 feet thick, plenty of big trucks speeding like crazy going across the lake. fished burnt point in about 30 feet of water, bouncing jigs and spoons on the bottom. not so much as a nibble. some guys fishing a ways from us didnt appear to be having any luck either. got tired of constantly changing lures and came home disappointed.

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    Lots of luck because the snow is good at alyeska and it keeps me from doing silly things like icefishing
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