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Thread: Unit 16 A/B black bear

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    Default Unit 16 A/B black bear

    Well sitting out here in Afghanistan some of us are starting to think about spring black bear and going into unit 16. We are unsure of setting up bait stations at this time do to the logisitcs of living in Anchorage area. Majority of us have 4 wheelers so that will not be an issue. I guess the question is where to go/start. We have been looking at maps and stuff and what roads/trails we can find we figure half the state will be in thier. Is it worth running all the way to Cache creek dump wheelers off their cross the bridge and take off on the trails/ is the Bear hunting very good up thier. Or would one be better off hunting around trapper lake area. Or better yet is there many trails that will take you or get you close to the Kahiltna River? Or will we spend all day winching 4 wheelers out of bogs LOL.. As always not looking for any honey holes just some G.I's looking to do some hunting this coming spring and have a good time... Thanks

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    Good luck, you'll be joined by MANY. The competition is tough when there are bait stations every half mile and factor in having to be at least a mile away from any cabin or dwelling makes it tough since most of the areas you mentioned are high recreational areas with many cabins.... Might pay off to do some scouting from the air as well.
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    16 has been under ALOT of pressure the last few years. From both the public, and predator control. Still lots of Browns in 16B but not nearly as many black bears.
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