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Thread: plastic jackets??

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    Default plastic jackets??

    I have an older knight muzzleloader its the cheap model (USA) It takes the red plastic jackets that hold the 209 primer, what I am wondering is does anyone know if there is a breech plug that will fit this gun that doesnt use the jackets?? This gun is very accurate, light and a joy to hunt with but due to poor care, (my fault totally) it has a few pitts in the bore but still shoots very well, how long can I expect it too?? also for a new inline (I dont like the T/C encore) what is a good make/model?? I like shooting heavy conicials so would want its twist ok for that.

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    Yukon: I have a 50 cal TC Omega that is about as accurate as you could ask for with sabots (200 yard deer gun with a full load of 777). I bought it for that and the only other bullet that I have used is the 295 Powerbelt for quick reloads. Shoots that OK but not as good as sabots. It has a 1/28 twist barrel same as the Encore but 2 inches longer. Good design, easy to clean, excellent trigger, and more weather proof than older designs. Designed for the 209 primer which gummed up the trigger on some of the older inline designs. Fiberglass stock is a little cheesy but no problems so far. I bought it when they first came on the market at a very reasonable price since they seemed to be pushing the Encore. Think they have made some design improvements since then. TC customer service has always been great with me and all my friends. You might take a look.

    I donít know about the Knight breach plug.

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    I don''t recall the models, but I've seen Knight breech plug conversion kits recently. I'm sure one place was at Cabelas and the other might have been Midsouth Shooting Supplies. As for the jackets (or discs maybe?) I dunno. Depending on what you're looking for in alternate inlines, I saw a couple at very reasonable prices in Cabelas Bargain Cave.


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