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Thread: 9 mm reloading problem...

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    Default 9 mm reloading problem...

    I'm reloadind 9mm 124 grain FMJ (copper) hollow points..using standard small pistol primers and 5.5, 5.6, 6 grains of groups are erratic with a few bullets keyholeing...I'm thinking that my problem my be a.o.l....I have looked in 3 manuals for a proper a.o.l. and have 3 different lengths..2 I have tried are 1.120" which has a whole lotta bullet showing, just doesn't look right, the other 1.40" which looks more normal...that's about all I have to go by..any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated...

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    Improper overall length can sometimes cause feeding issues in semi-automatic pistols, but I'd be looking elsewhere to solve problems with keyhole bullet strikes.

    What type of pistol are you shooing? What type of rifling does it have?

    When you say, "FMJ (copper) hollow points," do you mean plated bullets? What brand? Do you see the same symptoms when you shoot jacketed bullets?

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    Default 9mm

    The length of 1.12 is a normal length for 9mm. I am assuming your stated 1.40 is a mistype because that would be way too long. You must have meant 1.040 which would be a minimum length. As far as powder load goes, your loads are way too much again. A maximum load of Unique would be 5.1 grains. With that much of an overload you may be fouling the grooves in the barrel causing the bullets to tumble.

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    Default What diameter bullets

    are you using in your loads? Should be .3555 to .356.

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    Default additional info. I'm shooting a Glock 17..the

    bullets are Top Brass copper plated FMJItem Number: BB00360
    9mm 124gr HP per 1000
    9mm 124gr HP per 1000
    Price: $105.17

    They don't list the dia. and I'm not able to mic the ones I have till Sat., my reloading bench is across far as the powder weights go 5.5 to 6. of Unique is in the ball park...this weekend I'll load up another batch and try various oal's..the 2 oal's I have tried are 1.120 and 1.140...thnx for your replys..

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    Default Crimp

    Years ago I had the same issue turns out I was over criping the bullets I backed off some and the bullets were true on target.
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