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    first time on one of these chat rooms go easy on me! looking for any info, reccomendations, good bad or otherwise on outfitters, best time of year to hunt (with rifle) done a little research it's a bit overwhelming Kodiak vs. Prince william sound vs prince of whales really could use some help, not worried about hunting on my own spotting, stalking, packing etc.. just the pro's and cons of the different areas trophy potential etc...

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    kodiaks good, mid to late november is great, deer are moving, just park a boat and get out go up the edges of the valleys into bowls, ampitheathres, grassy saddles and ridge tops, the deer will be there. glass alot, you'd be amazed at how many deer you can pick out if you sit still and don't walk around.
    take the ferry to kodiak from homer for about 70 bucks, have andrews air pick you up, spend 500 bucks to get flown out and you've got a hunt.

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    which plane for 500? this sounds like a fun time.

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    Thanks for the lead, I was thinking about one of those boat combo fishin trips? do you know any one you would or would not reccomend? I see the season starts in September I'm sure the rut is the best but is there any benefit to going early? I understand calling works well for blacktails what kind of calls? you also mentioned glassing is a spotting scope necessary or will decent binos work? do shots tend to be long? I'm looking for any advice anyone's got this will be my first trip to Alaska.

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    Have you spent any time reading through the archives (including the old forums)? There have been countless threads on advice and hunt stories concerning blacktails, so that would probably be the best place to start.


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    Will dig around just knowing how a year or two can change things looking to get some good up to date info.


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