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Thread: fishing gear rental in south central AK

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    Default fishing gear rental in south central AK

    I'm gathering some info for a distant relative and his buddies who are coming up early next August for 7 days of fishing. Several of those days they plan on going with charters but they are also interested in fishing on their own for a few days. They were wondering if any place in south central AK rents fishing gear? They thought that might be easier than bringing their own gear up via airline travel. Anyone know of any place in Anchorage, Soldotna, Seward, etc that might rent gear?



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    theres a shack by ship creek that rents out stuff
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    Default on the fly, mooching rigs, or spin fishing gear for rental

    Here at Alaska Raft Connection, we have sportfishing gear available for rental. Our fly and spin gear is generally available to provide the proper equipment for our river float trip customers... so they have the one-stop-raft-shop and not have to check a bunch of extra baggage.

    Our quality sportfishing gear is in excellent, like-new condition and suited to fishing Alaska's moving waters... including King, Red, Silver, Chum, and Pink Salmon ---- Rainbow Trout, Char (Arctic + Dolly), Arctic Grayling, and Sheefish on the fly, mooching rigs, or spin.

    All our equipment is no-nonsense and will not fail you in the field.

    Breathable Waders are available... these do not come with wading shoes.

    We also put together fly and spin (or both) tackle kits together to set customers up for the seasonal opportunities, specific river packages, and best chances for success.


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