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    Default phone coverage

    We are planning a fishing trip by motor home this summer, hitting some of the interior rivers. What is the cell phone coverage is like along the main highways? Should we consider renting a satelite phone? Thanks

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    Question what for?

    i mean seriously, who do you HAVE to call???

    you can rest assured that if you can drive a motorhome to wherever you are, you WON'T be alone!!!
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    Default Phones in Alaska

    If you have some reason that you must be able to reach someone by phone day or night, anywhere on your trip then you need a satelite phone. Cell phone coverage once you get out of the cities is spotty at best.

    Personally, I'd bring the cell and forget the sat phone. In over 40 years I've never been anywhere on the Alaska road system where I needed a satellite phone. In the summer you'll find plenty of company and plenty of help. The only time that I'd even consider renting a sat phone would be if you were planning to get way out in the wilderness by yourself.


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