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Thread: Gas Check or Not?

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    Default Gas Check or Not?

    I have been given some 400 grain cast bullets that look like they are supposed to have gas checks. This one weighed in at 393grains. I as of yet don't cast my own and I'm not sure if I can shoot them at lower velocity or if I should gas check them. I don't want to go all out with sizing and lube press with all the trimmings just yet and was considering buying the Lee Lube and sizing kit to put gas checks on. I have attached a couple of photos so you guys can take a look at the bullet. I have been given several hundred of these and would like to shoot them. With the smaller diameter at the base for what I'm sure is the gas check, can I shoot them without or will there be a pressure/ heat leak past the lube grooves? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Default Not sure

    The bullet appears to be more of a tapered heel rather than a gas check bullet. All the molds I have for gas chck bullets have a distintive reduced diameter with a shoulder on the base.

    Don't be afraid to shoot a bullet without a gas check as long as you keep get the velocities below where you start to get leading and the accuacy suffers. Nothing dangerous or anything - just increase you loads slowly until the accuracy starts to suffer or you note a lot of leading. If you have an older black powder gun you need to also watch the pressure of course.
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    You are fine shooting these. It looks as if they are Lee bullets. Lee uses a different pattern on there molds which looks like these for my 30-30 and other rifle molds. You can shoot them up to about 1600fps without any issues as long as they fit the bore correctly. Cast should be .001 to .002 over you actual bore size. If you shoot them and they lead your barrel just shoot a jacketed bullet thru and it will push out all the lead. You can buy a Lee push thru sizer to install checks and they run about $15 plus shipping and come with Lee Liquid Alox lube as well. If you have any questions PM me I do alot of casting a shooting these lead bullets.


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