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Thread: King salmon help for a kiwi!

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    Hi guys,this is my first post.Ive been to AK 3 times in the last 14 years and am returning in July for a month for a tour around with my Dad and Brother.We will be doing heaps of salmon fishing and seeing as we will be a bit late for lots of places -10july till 10August will be doing the Kenai and Klutina a lot.Just wanted to know if 80lb braid is better than 40lb mono for bank fishing for big kings.I was thinking of using a 40lb mono leader tied to the braid via a swivel,or 100 yards of mono and braid for backing? Have got an okuma salina spinning reel with a serious drag and a 7ft ugly stik sea spinning rod rated for 20-50 lb line.Would appreciate any comments,thanks,mike.

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    I think you would be ok with the setup you're talking about. Make sure you have a heavy action ugly stick. Braided 60# aughtta be enough. The leader is about right. Best of luck to ya, Save some for me.
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    Your gear should work for Kings. You may want to bring rods for the Reds since they will be in full swing at your time frame and the Silvers will start showing up in Aug. Good luck.

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    Cheers guys,yeah the silvers will be in I guess,might try for them a bit too,Just love the Idea of being latched into a big king in a fast river though! Is the mainstream of the Susitna open for kings later than willow ck,Clear Ck etc?


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