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Thread: Warne QD rings for Sako AV

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    Default Warne QD rings for Sako AV

    I'm just wondering what people think of Warne QD rings, and how they work on Sako AVs (375 H&H)?

    Thank you.

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    I just bought some Warne mounts for my sako L579 forester.
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    Default Model 75 vs AV

    Warne specifies that their QD Sako rings are made to fit the Model 75, but do not guarantee that they will work on the AV. But the folks at Brownells say the Warne's will fit the AV.

    I measured bases on both models last night, and they were very close (in width) at the narrow end, and pretty close at the wide end. The biggest differences were the lengths.

    Does anyone know for sure?



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