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Thread: Big Game Commercial Services Meeting (BEWARE)

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    Unhappy Big Game Commercial Services Meeting (BEWARE)

    I am a private property owner located in a bush area. Through a visit by inforcement I have recently learned that by changing a few key words in definitions and phrases this board has the power to seriously erode private property rights and hunting oppertunity for the average Joe hunter. I looked up their web page and read the minutes of past meeting and attendance records. These meeting are well atended by the guide industry, enforcement and state and federal agencies. Lacking is input from private property owners, transporters and Joe public. The big loser will be Joe.

    The board is meeting Dec 11-13 at the Egan Center in Anc. I encourge anyone with an interest in afordable and accesable hunting oppertunity to attend.

    I hate to say it but it looks like a case of the "fox guarding the hen house" to me

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    Time to go check the hen house.

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    Thanks, I think I will drop by and see whats going on there. Do you have an ajenda for this upcoming meeting?
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