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Thread: Sea ducks boat postion

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    Default Sea ducks boat postion

    Ok, regarding boats postition. I have a 26 ft Hewes boat and was
    wondering how far away should I park
    my boat away from were I'm hunting from shore?
    Some people said 100 yards, 1/4. Mile away, next cove over.
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    From what I have read over the years you want it up wind of where the birds are coming from. They will be leap frogging up the line of decoys trying to get ahead of the other birds. A 100 yards should be fine, but you may have to adjust that depending on conditions.

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    Default I sit in mine

    much more comfortable than on the rocks. Depending what kind of pressure the birds have had, sea ducks don't really seem to mind a boat that isn't moving. Just my experience.

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    You might ask Buck, ( he is on this form from time to time) He is a guide for sea ducks down in Seldovia and seems helpful when ever I ask him any questions about the subject.

    For my part: I am guessing that boat placement can be different on each hunt and making adjustments according to weather, wind, duck flight patterns and how much coffee I have left in the thermos all make a difference.


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