ok where in anchorage is a place that sells flavored honeys

i need three diff flavors honeys for a couple of rice dishs that iam going to make and i need the flavored honey for the meat glaze to flavor the meat when grilling the meats and sauces for diff rice dishs

creamed strawberry flavored honey

creamed cinnamon flavored honey

Gourmet chocolate flavored honey for a dessert dish ..

so i was wondering could you make up some the meat glaze sauces useing wild game instead of beef pork and chicken meat dishs typles with rice or potatoes ..

the chocolate flavored honey is for this dessert dish ..

after cooking the rice take a cup or two out of the rice pot..let it cool and then mix into the following items for a nice rice dessert ..

take fresh strawberrys cut the strawberrys up into pieces and a three teaspoons chocolate flavored honey and mix into the rice and mix well togerther into completely mix up and serve it make a great little after drinner dessert

you make this right before you eat supper and let it semi cool down and when it time to eat it is molded into sticky typle of rice ball

you add a much honey to the mix to make the little rice balls a bit more stickly than regular sweet or sticky rice..

a quick and simple beef dish useing one of the flavored honey

a boneless piece of beef that been grilled to your likeing ..served with a black and red beans and rice dish with a strawberry flavor honey sauce for the meat ..

a quick and simple chicken dish useing one of the flavored honey

a boneless chicken breast that been grilled ..served wth a red beans and rice dish with a cinnamom flavored honey sauce for the meat ..