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    Anyone tried the 150 gr. TSX in the 30:06 ? If so , what was your load ?

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    Son shoot some deer on Kodiak with that bullet out of his 06. Not sure of the powder and charge but I believe it was 4350. The bullets were awesome! Only recovered one and it hit the deer in the hind quarter and lodged under the skin under the shoulder on the other side. Perfect!

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    have you tried to e-mail barnes? I needed data on my 270 wsm and the sent it to me the next day. I use the 180s out of my 300 rum and I used 1 grain over max load for the xbts (that's what barnes recommends). I used H4831SC and my first group out of my gun could be easily covered by a quarter at 100 yds. (I used one of those dots from the shoot and see targets to cover my group)


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