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Thread: Diesel heater for my 26' alaskan hewescraft

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    Default Diesel heater for my 26' alaskan hewescraft

    Where is a good place in Anchorage to get a diesel heater for my Hewescraft? For Hewescraft owners, where is a good spot to mount them in the cabin?
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    Default Diesel heaters

    Not sure really where to get a heater in Anchorage, I would try Marita sea and Ski first, they can order you pertty much anything you want.

    Or you could try Cummins Northwest on Commercial Dr,. they are the espar heater dealer,

    As for mounting it. I would try mounting it near your rear bulkhead,. That way you can draw your combustion air from the gunwhales, which should give you some protection from spray

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    I have a Wallas from Dewey's in my 24'. It's mounted on the starboard rear bulkhead near the door and exhaust is plumbed out the starboard side. Fuel tank is located under the rear seat.

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    Default Wallas 30D

    We purchased our heater and had it installed by Alaska Performance RV & Marine. They did a great job, placing the unit behind one of the benches.

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    Check out ebay for an Espar or Webasto. That's where I picked mine up and installation wasn't hard at all. Toughest part was getting up the courage to drill a 2 inch hole in the side of my boat.

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    Glacier Craft will install the Espars, too. They are dealers. Don't know if they would install other brands, didn't ask.


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