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Thread: atv snow tracks??

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    Default atv snow tracks??

    Anyone run snow tracks on their quad in winter?How do they perform in 3'-4'of snow?How's the reliability,track ever spin off?Looking at maybe installing a set for ice fishing,wolf hunting etc...Trying to decide to install snow tracks or just buying a sled


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    Love my tracks!
    Got a set of track about 3 seasons ago and use them all winter long around the cabin resort. Haul all the supplys and guest gear to the cabins and use it to bring in wood in the spring! You don't go as fast and you burn more gas but you can go about anywhere!!! Have had no problems with them. No spin offs! But ride best with 8" of snow +. Great to go to the Post Office and the Grocery Store!!!
    Also use a sled if I am going very far!!!
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