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Thread: LOWA Tibet GTX Quest.

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    Default LOWA Tibet GTX Quest.

    So I snagged a pair of the LOWA Tibet GTX and they look real nice but I am curious on the fit. I bought them a 1/2 size big to accomidate for some nice wool socks but when I got the boots they were a tab bit snug. I have been wearing them around a bit and they feel like they are loosing up a tad. Kinda curious how others have had the LOWAs fit? Should I send them back for a larger size or will they break in even more. I went from a boot I wore everyday for a year that is worn in quite well to these so I am a little off on the feel.

    Thanks for the input

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    I have the taller hunter versions. i got a 1/2 size up as lowa's run small for most folks, and in a wide, which i normally wear. they felt snug on me as well. b/c of the rubber rand around the bottom, stretching out over time won't happen as much. i did have some luck with a shoe stretcher on the one foot that felt snug.


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