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Thread: Vitamins, caffeine, garlic pills?

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    Default Vitamins, caffeine, garlic pills?

    I just read some survivial kit advice to always carry chewable vitamins and caffeine pills (to keep your mental faculties sharp, eg., vitamin B12 hels fight fatigue and fear), and garlic pills as a naturally ingested anti-bacterial for small injuries.

    I carry pain killers and chewable aspirin, but I've never carried the above items but will now.

    Any thoughts on these?

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    Doesn't have to be chewable if you have a way to make water. A multi-vitamin is a good way to round out the nutrients the body needs when your food supply may be very limited.

    Caffeine pills have long been used in the military for increasing mental alertness when you limited on sleep. You'd be better off actually getting the needed sleep to recharge yourself. Caffeine is just a very temporary band-aid and you're not doing anything good for yourself by forcing yourself to stay awake when you need sleep.

    I'm not going to buy into the garlic thingie unless you happen to be trying to survive in vampire territory.
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    Default garlic

    Not to be argumentative but there has never been a single scientifically validated treatment, cure or prevention attributable to garlic except for cooking and vampires. Better off carrying something else.

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    ....I personally carry Ibuprofin(a must, for me at least, if doing any above-timberline hunting- can really relieve the knees-)
    ....vit. B12(helps repel mosquitos as well)
    ...and Ginko Biloba-(brain function, esp. if hunting in high elevations...Colorado,etc-)

    -I believe strongly in the garlic....but, I don't take it in the field or hunting, etc- tears up my stomach because of my tendancy to get dehydrated when in the field, packing meat, etc-

    -just keep yourself healthy and super-hydrated before your hunt-


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