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Thread: Non-Resident Sheep Special

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    Default Non-Resident Sheep Special

    Unit 14 tags for non-residents only? BS!!!! They can put in with the rest of us and play the Od's. Let them hunt alone if they draw. That should make it taste better knowing a guide is not going to get rich on this. This is creating another special interest group.

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    Wink been there, done that..... you missed the first go-round

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    Louie - Take a look at this thread:

    At least with most of the non-res only tags there are identical tags for residents, with residents getting the majority of the tags. For the first season in Eagle River, though, residents need not apply. It will be a private hunting reserve for one non-resident for the first 13 days of the season.

    It's also always seemed odd to me that a number of Kodiak bear tags are reserved for non-residents. There are resident tags as well, but if you look at the odds of drawing a tag, something becomes wrong with the picture. Some non-res tags have odds of over 50% for drawing a tag. Meanwhile, residents have a very low chance of drawing a tag for the same area. I have no problem with non-residents hunting in Alaska, but I would rather see a maximum allocation for non-res permits, not a guaranteed allocation. Put their names in the same hat, and if they draw 10% (or whatever number is deemed appropriate) of the permits, no more non-residents can win. If they don't draw that number randomly, though, then that's the way the cards fall. I'm no subscriber to the usual conspiracy theories, but I have a hard time seeing any justification for guaranteed non-res tag allocations other than keeping some guides in business.

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    Default Whom to Call


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    No Biggie.

    There are special seasons and tags for every kind of Special Interest, that is because these guys get out there and lobby for them.
    Black Powder
    Community Harvest
    Res Only
    Non-Res Only
    Local Only
    The list will be expanded each and every year. Gotta get used to it. You don't have to like it, you just gotta lump it.
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    Default Don't Forget

    Another new one I think, disabled Veteran hunts for base moose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
    Another new one I think, disabled Veteran hunts for base moose.

    that was last year also here in FMA, AND HONESTLY,

    I do not know how i feel about that one.

    part of me says hell yeah, and good on the for doing it... and part says, well every one else that served didn't get special attention, or other guys hurt at work didn't get service hunts... such as fireman, police etc...
    not sure about it at all...i understand the desire to show some gratitude for the service, but it kind of discriminates against the last 200+ years of it.

    and before any of you pro military pounders say anything...

    I SERVED and am disabled.

    and not asking for favors.........
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    The high draw percentage for Kodiak brown bears by Non-residents is simple. Any smart non-res that is looking to hunt bears on Kodiak contacts a guide first. The guide says what permit you need to put in for. Since so many of these guys hunt only certain areas they discourage too many potential clients from applying for the same tags.
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    Your concerns about this sheep hunt are understandable, but you're not alone. Here in Colorado we have multiple (rotating) archery and rifle sheep units every year which are available only to nonresidents. Plus we're the whore of the west for elk hunting. With among the lowest nonresident tag prices and over-the-counter licenses, we've become the fall-back state for hunters who don't draw elsewhere. This results in high quantity but poor quality animals, and many of us leave Colo to hunt elsewhere, including Alaska . It would be not unlike you Alaskans going to NWT or Yukon for your Dall sheep hunt.

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    Just to add salt to the wound:
    Youth Hunts
    Federal Sub Hunts
    Federal Special Permit Hunts for waterfowl species collectors
    Federal Marine Mammals Hunts
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    Default well...

    The state has been doing the same thing for brown bears on Kodiak for many years, same thing for moose on the Koyukuk, etc. A certain amount of those permits are for non residents only. Those hunts can run from 12,000 to 14,000 or more bucks for the guide.

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    Point is, residents are also allowed to hunt at the same time, which is not the case here. Allowing non-residents to hunt the first 13 days without a resident being able to hunt is just plain wrong.

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    Default Lets

    Last year the state issued 25 tags for Ft Richardson, So next year 19 will go to non disabled and 6 to 50% disabled... So let's see you are all pissed because a guy or gal gets blown up, shot whatever and is 50% or more disabled shouldn't get a tag wow talk about some real whiners around here... My opinion if you got blown up or whatever and you are drawing 50% or more disability from the VA then I think they should get free everything. Also don't think oh just the current vets we still have vets that are disabled from WWII...

    And the sheep hunts heck what about the 1 resident who will have that whole area to himself during the 2nd season or better yet the resident who has that whole area to himself the 3rd season. If I don't get drawn for anything I won't be pissed, just another day... I'm glad none of you lived in Arizona **** I think you all would of drove to the capital and torched it there are residents down their that have been putting in for Elk tags for 10 plus years and never draw, better yet guys putting in for desert bighorn for 30 plus years.. But here if you don't get drawn at least YOU have the opportunity to still hunt Moose, Sheep, Goat on registration permits/harvest tickets. Their are plenty of folks who would give thier left nut to be in our shoes and live th Alaska dream. But sometimes taking away a good thing from someone makes them realize just how good they had/have it... Trust me you guys have it good...

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    Nice rant but you'd do better to try and follow along with the rest of us. This has nothing to do with disabled vets so please try and stick to the subject.

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    Default Non-Resident sheep Special

    Yes we Alaskan's have it good and we want to keep it that way!

    35 or so years ago I left my home State of Oregon for two simple reason's.
    I lived in Elk and deer Haven in Eastern Oregon. For years opening morning of both seasons I took my animals. Over the years the out of Staters and out of area hunters (Portland) would drive by and see me loading the meat for my family. Road hunters all. Then someone got the idea, sumitted legislation and it passed making me having to draw for tags for the animals I had been hunting 5-15 minutes from my back door. SO for the following two years of never drawing a tag and watching the others from outside of my back yard get to hunt while I sat home, I moved to where in those days there weren't drawings!

    Alaska Residents First foremost and I will be ****ed if I am going to let this crap happen again!

    We have to many bears in Kodiak. I have been jawing with Fish and Game for years to NO avail for the most part. Why you ask? Lobbying! Wonder who is doing all the lobbying? When I have 23 bears (last year) working the stream on my property and the one a mile away, that is way to many bears. This morning a got an e-mail from a guy in Anchorage wanting to know where to apply for a bear tag. ANswer: My property as there are way to many bears everywhere and not enough permits issued. He says he can not believe the incredible success rate for harvest in Kodiak!!!!?????

    Its all about money people and is not about the good of the environement any more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emerald Island View Post
    Its all about money people and is not about the good of the environement any more.
    Bingo. The Department of Fumble & Guess made that their objective long ago. Sell as many tags as possible while giving them the least opportunity to succeed. $$$ talks.
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    I hold no More ill will toward a Texan getting an Exclusive Sheep Hunt, than I do toward a Glennallenian getting an Exclusive Caribou Hunt. Come to think of it, no Less ill will either.
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