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Thread: Do salmon bite in freshwater?

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    Default Do salmon bite in freshwater?

    We made a trip to the Kenai in 05 and while I caught a good number of fish in freshwater I had very few that actually bit my lures. I was not trying to stag fish but sometimes there were enough fish present that you could'nt help but snag one sometimes. What I am wondering salmon quit eating once they enter freshwater and the only way you can catch them at that point is to snag them? I do not fly fish and have only used spinners and spoons while fishing the Kenai.

    Thanks for the information.

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    You might ask a biologist why- but all the species "bite" in Freshwater. Sockeyes will bring the biggest debate on this topic because a majority of the Sockeye fisheries are "floss" or "line" fisheries. Sockeyes do strike a variety of different gear especially on their spawning beds (you catch them quite a bit on drift and backtrolling gear in the upper Kenai) but they are the least likely out of the Pacific salmon species to strike gear. In my own experience Chums are the second most lock-jawed species of salmon but their are conditions when chums strike aggressively at any gear type. Kings, Silvers, and Pinks all have their moments ranging between hyper-aggression and totally hook-shy but they definately bite lures, bait, and flies. As far as feeding goes it is widely accepted that salmon do not feed in fresh water when returning to spawn- but this is fodder for the biologists to argue.

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    Absolutely! From my experience King's bite best on on cured eggs, shimp, and herring. Most salmon also enjoy biting lures like spinners. I landed a 11 pound sockeye on a #5 vibrax in late August fishing for pinks and silvers in the lower Kenai River. However, reds typically will take flies a lot more regularily. Many reds are also lined due to the volume of fish in a run. Salmon go off the bite, especially when getting pounded by many fisherman, or in low clear water conditions.


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