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Thread: Chena Lakes Recreation Area Moose Hunting

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    Default Chena Lakes Recreation Area Moose Hunting

    Has anyone had any luck hunting the chena lakes rec area with bow for moose? I'm trying to harvest a bull in this late season coming and want to see where they are.

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    Default about chena lakes

    I go there just to say I have done it. I think your chances are just as good as anywhere else in the FMA, and you do have have to worry about the additional rules.

    There are lots of good areas in the FMA. If I were you, I would drive the major roads in the FMA in the morning about the time it is getting light. This will give you an idea of where the moose are. Somedays you will not see any, and others you will.

    I have not looked into hunting on Ft. Wainwright, but that is an option as well.


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