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Thread: blacktail drag

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    Default blacktail drag

    2 bucks and 2 different methods. One guy opted to drag his buck out and the other butchered and packed out. Both work, but sometines it easier one way or the other. Both parties made it to the beach in time for me to catch the setting light on their buck!
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    Default Buck Drag

    Awesome Picture!
    I usually pack mine. I worry about laying a scent trail to Camp or Pick-up, especially if I am going to have to wait there a while.
    We had to push a Brown Bear back across Uyak Bay a couple of weeks ago with the plane.
    A couple of Goat Hunters had the Bear in Camp and False Charging them, so they packed their camp in a paddle raft and moved all of their gear and meat across Uyak Bay. Be Dog Goned if the Bear didn't decide to swim across after the meat.

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    Default classic

    Thats a bunch of proud dudes! Congrats to the hunters.

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    last fall on perry island, my buddy head shot two small bucks side by side, big bodies for PWS deer, but he drug them down from the top to the beach by himself, we had to help him once he hit the antler was broke (velvet) and the trooper said that was one of the biggest bucks he ever seen come out of that area ....was a 3x3. good eating anyway!

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    Nice looking buck and one happy group of hunters!

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    Default It would have been easier if

    they gutted it first! By the pic atleast it doesn't appear that they did. We drug all of our deer in PWS, gutted of course!


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