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Thread: Browning short action stock...

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    Question Browning short action stock...

    I have a Browning A-Bolt Composite Stalker in .300 WSM and would like to get a nicer stock for it. I've done some looking and it seems there is VERY little to choose from for the long and especially the short action A-Bolts. I would love to get a target/hunter hybrid...stiff, aluminum bedded, and light. Wondering if anyone has any info or direction...before all you 700 shooters with your infinite aftermarket choices tell me just to sell it and get a Rem, humor me... I will probably end up getting a Savage or a Remington in the future...but I love my A-Bolt and would love to tweek it and make it my own...thanks in advance...


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    Default Try one of these. . .

    You may want to consider one of these instead.

    No bedding block, but they are quality through and through. The wait time is a little long right now, around 16-20 weeks I think. There is no aluminum bedding block, but I and many other shooters prefer McMillan to bedding block stocks whoever the manufacturer. They may seem a little pricey initially, but once properly bedded a McMillan stock should never fail. However if there is any issue with the stock McMillan has fantastic customer service and they stand behind their product, hence the 16-20 week waiting list.

    No shame in choosing an A-Bolt if you like it. I don't presently have an A-Bolt but I've always been satisfied with Browning firearms.

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    MPI also makes synthetics for the A bolt although they require alot of work to fit and finish. They are very nice stocks when done and if you dont feel up to the install we can help you out or MPI offers fitting and finishing of their products as well. They are quite a bit cheaper than a McMillian and lighter to boot.

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    Treat yourself to a McMillan stock.

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    Default was wondering the same...

    I have the "A-Bolt Micro Medallion" chambered in .284 Winchester. And a "A-Bolt Hunter" that I bought for the action alone, But, after fireforming some brass for it's .257 Roberts Imp. chamber and seeing how it printed, I thought better of taking it apart...but the stock wood is "Uggly..!"

    Finding an after market short action stock has been my next challange.

    I'd even take a used wood stock from one of those rifles when and if someone was restocking with a synth.


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    Old thread and all but Bell & Carlson have their Medalist with aluminum bedding block or lug/pillar for the A-bolts.

    #7779 (#7777 is the advanced aluminum lug/pillar system instead of full-length aluminum block) Browning A Bolt and A-Bolt II Short Action and WSM with standard barrel. Stock has Cheekpiece but no checkering. Note: Occasionally, depending on the dimensions of the stock that came on your particular rifle, you may have to obtain longer action screws from your gunsmith to install the Bell and Carlson stock.
    Bell and Carlson Medalist rifle stocks combine the stability and durability of Bell and Carlson's proprietary Composite stock with an integral aluminum bedding system. The integral bedding system is computer designed and CNC machined out of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum, and eliminates the need for conventional bedding, assures perfect fit and alignment of the barreled action and stiffens the forend.
    Science has a rich history of proving itself wrong.


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