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    Default Smoking wood

    I'm looking at shipping up a load of hickory for smoking. I'm wondering if there is enough interest in this to bring up several cords, let me know by email and include your contact info and we can discuss prices and quantities.
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    Default Wood

    The best way would probably be to just ship it up in a 20' Conex. It would hold about 9 or 10 cords.
    UNLESS you have a buisness that sells B-B-Q and want to sell hickory smoked meats. Consider a mixed lot Mesquite, Pecan, Oak , and friutwoods all have different flavors.
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    Default No BBQ

    No I don't sell BBQ I'm just tired of paying 20 bucks for a bag of chips and thought there might be some true BBQ fans here that have ran into the same thing, yes I agree a mixed batch would certainly be better.
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    Dead Willow and peeled alder with a cottonwood mix works good for me. And the price is almost FREE.

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    Default hummmmm, sounds interesting

    I'm from the south and love to make Memphis style BBQ and ribs. I might be interested in this venture, if not too expensive. I would have to agree that mixing some pecan, cherry, or mesquite is not a bad idea either. PM me with estimated costs per cord and I'll let you know if I can afford to get in on it.
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    Rather have peach or apple wood but interesting idea!
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    I know if I lived up there ( and will someday, by god ) I couldn't live without smoking meat without hickory or pecan. Mesquite is ok if you like a heavy bitter flavor, but to me, there's nothing like a heavy hickory smoke flavored rack of ribs. MMM MMM. I'm gonna have to go buy a few racks. This thread is making my mouth water!!!


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