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    Default Partner App question

    If I apply with a partner for a hunt and we draw but my partner bails can I still get my tag (and he does not get his)?


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    You would both be awarded a permit. Whether he chooses to hunt or not will not affect things after the draw.

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    Default Partner app

    You bolth get the tag, your partner just chooses not to use his....

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    Default but

    But we have not paid for the tags yet, I pay for mine, he does not pay for I out?

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    Default tags

    You pay to apply. If you draw, they just mail you the permit (in most cases).
    If you are a non-resident or resident hunting brown bear or muskox, you are required to buy your tags before you can hunt. If you don't end up hunting, don't buy your tags. Your partner can do what he wants. You don't have to hunt together.

    The only times I can think of that you need your tags before they give you a permit is Kodiak Brown Bear and non-residents with Delta Bison, however there may be 1 or 2 others. Regardless, your partner has nothing to do with whether you can go or not.

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    There is a permit you are applying for but as a non resident i am assuming you would have to buy a metal locking tag as well.

    As a party application and you draw you both get permits. There is no correlation between a party permit draw and both having to buy locking tags and hunting together.

    If you apply and draw and friend want not to go you still can go. He can change his mind and buy a metal tag and go with.

    If you change you mind and don't like him anymore you can both hunt separate, together or one can hunt or not at all. Just have to have appropriate license permit and tag.

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    Default Missing the boat?

    Are you asking about your friend bailing out during the application process? Now correct me if I'm wrong (I'm sure someone on here will), but I seem to remember that when you are applying for a party permit, both hunters get put on one application. You do not both send in separate applications with a note that you want to hunt with that guy. It's one application where you put down both hunters' license numbers and pay a double application fee. (or application fee x however many hunters are going in on it). So I don't think there is a way for him to bail on you for applying for a group hunt, unless you put the $10 on your credit card and he stiffs you .

    And as plenty of others have mentioned, if you apply together and both get drawn, there is nothing wrong with your buddy choosing not to hunt. (Except don't mention it on this forum, because it will quickly spark another tirade from people complaining about how people get drawn for really good hunts and don't end up going) .

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    Default Thanks

    Got it thanks, that is what I thought. Just wanted to be sure, #1 partner might draw a great elk tag in lower 48 at same time and may not go, I know now and we both wanted to be sure if he draws both and cannot fit in moose I can still go.



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