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Thread: hunting out of Kotz...

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    Default hunting out of Kotz...

    Hey all,
    I have been twice to Kotz on caribou hunts. How was the hunting in 09? Any good stories? Anybody have thoughts on unit 26 vs 23 (or any other good bets elsewhere)? Thinking about 2010 hunt that has sprung into life all the sudden - alot of decisions to be made in a somewhat short period of time...thanks for the input

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    Default off year

    09 seemed to be an "off" year for unit 23 bou hunters.... a colder than average late summer started the herd moving a bit then at mid-stream a weeks heat wave scattered the groups... small bands heading north, south, east... all over the place. there were numerous guides who were having hard times getting their high dollar clients access to decent animals....

    Ive got a bit of a honey hole up there but even there it was way slower than normal.....

    took two decent bulls there this year... and a female grizz that wanted a piece of me... why is it the only female that wants a piece of me I have to shoot?? there is something busted about that...

    for 2010... the feds are continuing to implement the cap on hunters going into the park... that has put the air taxis and guides even tighter on their scheduling... so if your looking at 10, better lock in with a transporter asap....

    Good luck.


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    Default Nice Gman!!

    I bet your wife hasn't seen you post.... She might take offense to your comment about females chasing you!!! LOL.

    Time for lunch when I return from my Minnesota Whitetail hunt in a couple weeks.


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    I had different results than AkGreg here in unit 23, though, Unit 23 is as big as Indiana,with Ocean to Mountains so thats not at all unsual.

    For me, Caribou hunting wasnt bad at all. Winter had Caribou close, Summer had a few around, enough not to run out, and Fall was good, but took some waiting for a bull among so many cows.
    We did fairly well this last year.
    I cant say much more than Caribou here are plentyfull and healthy, and I hope they stay that way.

    Where I was,on the lower Kobuk, Sept was warm, and it still is. Freeeze up was a couple+1/2 weeks late this year.
    We had a week or so dip in temps that started them migrating, but plenty of warm weather that let them mill about.

    Booking now is a good idea, as I hear from my Pilot friends. Getting a ride to your spot is getting full inna hurry.

    I cant wait to get home, I need to eat some...
    If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.

    "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....

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    A friend the lower 48 and I had a great hunt on the eastern edge of unit 23 on the Upper Noatak. We flew out of Bettles though. Were in the field the first week of September. We saw 1,200 caribou in 6 days and took three good bulls. We were lucky on our timing.

    My partner shot a nice double shovel on our first day of hunting. Then on day three as we sat on a knob a couple hundred yards from camp a group of bulls came around the lake were camped on headed straight to camp. We finally decided we should make a move towards them before they spotted the tent and bolted. We closed some of the distance and I shot the largest bull in the group. The bull dropped 80 yards from our tent. The tent didn't seem to spook them.

    The next morning I crawled out of the tent and kicked on the stove to boil some water for breakfast. As I sat back against my pack to wait on breakfast I noticed movement just around the edge of the lake. A group of caribou had just come over the rise. I went into panic mode. Where did I set my binos!! I find the binos and see nothing but bulls. Still in panic mode, I have to get moving to cut them off!! Grabbed the rifle and headed across the tundra wearing my camp tennis shoes and fleece sleeping pants.

    Well I managed to get a hundred yards or so in front of them and hunkered down behind a grass mount. I franticly bounced from bull to bull trying to find the best bull. The caribou kept spreading out as they approached and I it was quickly becoming a situation where I was going to be surrounded with caribou within 30 yards. So I ditched the binos and put the rifle on one of the bulls I thought looked good and put him down. In all the rush I still don't know if I took one of the best bulls in the group. So this was my pajama bull.

    That's all the stories I have from hunting this year in unit 23. Lots of fun.


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