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    I was searching the net and came across this simple and easy to make sluice box. I can see myself building one of these and strapping it on my fourwheeler when I go on long trips up north around Pinochle and Eureka.

    I wounder how efficient this bad boy is?

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    That looks pretty cool! You could probably add a strip of astro-turf to the bottom 2' or so to help catch the fine stuff. I would imagine you could tuck the leading edge of the turf into one of the corregations and attach it with a screw on each end.

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    you could probably lay a piece of mesh wire in it too.

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    Fine stuff???????? Were going for NUGGETS here. No time to mess around with dust. :-)

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    I built one in Montana and it worked great. Just make sure you screen your matierial down pretty good! All in All, very cheap and it works!!!!

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    You would really have to watch your water speed with the sewer pipe. The "riffles" in the sewer pipe do not create a negative water pressure. I believe that you might use it for sniping, but if you actually find some decent gold get a real box.

    Sewer pipe lools like this /\/\/\/\/\ Water will clean out the depressions. The wire mesh mentioned should help though. Maybe glue some riffles into it? The bowl shape would seem to concentrate the pressure into the bottom. I think it would be hard to regulate water flow and anything put in would get blown out the bottom.
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    You need this ___/__/__/__/ Gold will drop behind the riffles and stick.

    You can borrow mine if you need one for a weekend. I can also show you how to make a small one for carrying on your wheeler. A 30 inch piece of plywood, a couple riffles, some rubber mat (with some of the ridges cut out), and a small piece of miners moss and you are in there.

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    Default Rain Gutter

    Rain gutter also works as a mini sluice. Ribber rubber matting is available at AK Mining and Diving and in Fairbanks at the prospecting shop on College by the overpass.

    A piece of expaned metal on the front half will keep small pebbles from knocking the fines out of the sluice.

    I have one that hooks to a garden hose that I use to run my fines. It works OK, but I usually have to run material 3 times to make sure. I usually don't run fines until I have 2-3 gallons of stuff saved up.

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    Thats not a sluice box its a micro sluice for seperating fines. Any gold will get trapped in the first 5 or 6 riffles, you don't have to do anything to it. It's made to operate with a 350-500 gph Rule bilge pump or similar that you can run off your 12 volt atv battery. As a stand alone unit for gold hunting tho, you wont move much material. Why not take a small dredge setup and then use that micro sluice at home?

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    Default Homemade sluice

    My second attempt at building a highbanker. I'm on #6 now and am making it out of aluminum. Picked up a riffle ladder from a Keene dredge at the Alaska Mining and Diving year end garage sale.


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