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Thread: Meat transport

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    Default Meat transport

    Curious what kind of processing prices and shipping back to states for moose or caribou meat people have experienced lately. Any advice?

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    I just sent 50lbs with my wife on her flight to the lower 48. extra bag rate was $25, cooler cost $32 or could have spent $35 for a insulated cardboard box from UPS. Not sure what UPS is charging to ship but sure the xtra baggage rate is cheaper.

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    Default Checked Baggage

    I got a quote from Alta Air Logistics from Kodiak to Syracuse, NY in August 09 - $2.45 per pound for 100 pounds.

    Era and Alaska Air were very helpful in getting back home (the long way - thru LAX). Much cheaper to mail gear home and pay baggage fees for the meat (IMO).

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    Default Welcome!

    I welcome any non-resident who is willing to take the meat home with them to enjoy. Thank you for doing your research and planning ahead in order to bring the best part of your trophy home! Enjoy the state!

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    Default baggage

    Airline baggage = maybe?
    Depends on the airline. Extra bags and overweight charges vary greatly so consider this BEFORE you buy your ticket. Also a First Class ticket for your return could actually end up cheaper because they include some free baggage:


    3 bags on Alaska Air are $15, $25, and $50 respectively. Overweight charge is $50 extra up to 100lbs

    3 bags on Northworst are $15, $25 and $125 respectively. Overweight charge is $90 extra up to 70lbs and $175 for up to 100lbs.

    3 50lb bags on Alaska Air is $90 but NWA is $165
    3 100lb bags on Alaska Air would be $240, but a whopping $690 on NWA.

    Of course they will take more than 3 bags, but then it gets really ugly.

    Best bet, find a buddy that is Fed Ex employee! ;D


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