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Thread: Grayling in the Kenai River?

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    Default Grayling in the Kenai River?

    a guy i know says he catches grayling in the upper kenai river....i called BS, whats your opinion? never heard of a grayling in the kenai river drainage except for cooper lake which is dammed.

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    Default Yes and No

    Indeed grayling have been caught on Kenai drainage, but is very rare. Typically in the area of Quartz creek (certainly from Crescent). It certainly is plausable that a grayling could be found on the upper, but would be exceedingly rare.

    I do not know of any grayling in Cooper however.

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    I caught a grayling 3 or 4 years ago at the Kenai lake outlet on a bead. It was small, maybe 6-7 inches. There happened to be a guide boat next to me so I asked him if he had ever seen that before and he said once in the last 10 years.

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    Default have seen em

    Have seen one caught in the middle river and I've caught two or three near the outlet of Kenai Lake in the past 10 yrs and a couple peppered throughout the upper. Not Common but they do move around or get pushed by big water it would seem

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    I caught one a few years ago about 4 miles below Skilak.


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    we caught one about 15 years ago when we were floating from the bridge to bings... don't recall exactly where..
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    Default I caught one.

    15 or so years agos soaking eggs for silvers snagged one in the side. about three miles below skilak.

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    Default grayling long time ago

    Going back 12-15 yrs ago used to catch grayling every time I fished the upper. I fished it a lot(3-5x)wk. Sometimes get into small groups of them. Have not heard much in the past 10 yrs. just an occassional fish.

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    Somebody in my boat catches one or two every year. Usually below skilak. Grayling are present in both Crescent and Juneau creeks. Wouldn't be all that hard for them to find the Kenai River, coming out of those streams. Never seen one in the Kenai over ten inches though.

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    Default Caught one in the spring . . .

    about 8-10 years ago just above Jim's Landing. It was a walk day just before the spring closure. I can't remember if we caught our target species of dollies or rainbows, but I remember that grayling.

    It was about 10-12 inches in length.

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    Default graling

    I catch 1-5 every year somewhere in the Kenai. I've caught two in the Russian, at least one every fall in the upper Kenai. Every year during or after a flood, I catch a few below Skilak. Last fall during the flood my boat caught three in one day below Skilak. Few and far between, but they pop up every now and then.

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    In over 30 years of fishing the Kenai I have never caught one but last year two buddies each got one in the upper on the smae bar within 2 minutes of each other.

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    BS not. I have caught a single grayling on 2 separate occassions about a decade apart. Caught one just above Jim's Landing (have a pic somewhere of that one). Also caught one in the Upper River back channel. Both times I was fishing dries to fish I had spotted rising. They are coming down from Cresent Lake through Cresent Creek to Quartz Creek to Kenai Lake and then into the Kenai River. Later.

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    I have seen a handful in the middle Kenai over the years. I have caught grayling in the headwaters of Benjamin Creek (can't remember the name of the lake) which flows into the Killey River which in turns flows into the middle Kenai. The last grayling that I saw in the Middle Kenai was last spring and it was caught right below the Upper Killey (Thompson's Hole) on a fly that we call the brown bug. It was at least 16 -18 inches long and the catch caught all of us in the boat by surprise.

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    Have caught many grayling over the years in Lower Trail River (Grant Creek) and Snow River after they washed out of Paradise Lake many years ago. Also from Quartz Creek, so they are spreading down stream.


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    Default hmm only once for me

    I have landed one grayling on the upper around what i call "Dolly Confluence", its the confluence after powerline's back channel. Also a couple at Quartz. Not much action for me on the kenai for them. But then again im not fishing spinners and bugs.
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