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Thread: Portable Housing Container Cabin

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    Default Portable Housing Container Cabin

    Need a place to sleep after you're done hunting or fishingg? How about a place to convene and wind down with all your buddies after a long day?

    Then our Portable Housing Container is the thing for you!

    We have the following types & sizes available for sale:

    20' & 40' DELUXE Units (includes Bathroom & Kitchen)
    - AC volt electrical system (breaker panels, light fixtures, wall
    receptacles, phone hookup, wiring)
    - insulated walls, windows with screens, blinds & shutters
    - Separate 1 bedroom, vinyl floor covering & utility room

    20' & 40' CUSTOM Units (Standard Office Container)
    - AC volt electrical system (breaker panels, light fixtures, wall
    receptacles, phone hookup, wiring)
    - Great to use as a Hunting Club House
    - No bathroom/kitchen; just a living space.

    Available now in Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Oakland & China. We have can them delivered to wherever you need them.

    Prices start at the following depending on location and are negotiable!!! We Are MOTIVATED to SELL!

    20' DELUXE - $14,255.00
    40' DELUXE - $18,335.00

    20' CUSTOM - $11,255.00
    40' CUSTOM - $15,185.00

    Please give us a call at 888-788-5667 or e-mail us at if you have any questions or interest!

    Mention this AD and we'll give you a Discount!!!

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    Those prices are a little out there ar'nt they?

    We used to build these in the bush for almost half that, or less.

    They do make great shelters, but for that price?

    Do they come with the gen. sets, the on demand hotwater heaters,etc?

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    Cool idea, most of the temporary construction man camps are built out of them, we call them conex out in the bush. I'd be interested to see how much shipping one to Bethel AK would be. A 20' conex is $2,500 out of Bethel. Out here you almost always see 20 footers, I think the 40 footers are too big for many of the barges/ equipment that moves them.


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