Attached is a revised winter schedule for our matches. George Bower passed along that we now have two additional matches (Nov 14 and January 10). I have been able to get NRA approval for both of these matches, so they will all be NRA approved 2700 point matches shot for classification. Hope to see you at the range next Saturday, Oct 31.


Bullseye Winter Schedule 2009 – 2010

All matches are at the Matanuska Valley Sportsman’s indoor range in Palmer. Sign up time is 9:00 AM and shooting starts at 10:00 AM. All of the matches below are NRA approved 2700 point matches, except as noted.

Date Day
October 31 Saturday
November 14 Saturday
November 22 Sunday
December 13 Sunday
January 10 Sunday
January 24 Sunday
February 14 Sunday
February 27 Saturday SECTIONAL
April 11 Sunday Alaska Indoor State Match

May 8 Saturday Outdoor Regional Match with service pistol and revolver leg matches. BRSP