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    So me and my buddy are wanting to get into trapping
    this winter. How often does a person have to check their
    traps? And would Pt. Mac be a good training ground
    for us? We are also taken our kids so its a learning curv
    for all of us. would we even get anything out there or not
    to keep the kids interests up I would like to get something
    Iam not looking to always get something just to keep up their interest.
    thank you in advance for your help folks.

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    Point mac gets hit pretty hard. Although thats where I started. Your best bet would be to get permission from one of the farmers and if you can get it you should get into some coyotes, fox and most likely lynx. TONS of rabbits out that way so I would snare there trails maybe set a bait pile and let it sit until it starts getting hit. I wouldnt set on it right away after that either, wait until they start making some good trails in then ste on those AT LEAST 150 yards away. good luck

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    Talking thank you

    Thank you for your help. what would i use for bait biles and how big do i make the piles? again I dont know anything about trapping so any help would be great. Iam a hunter for many years up here i just never got into trapping. I always thought it would be fun and know that our kids are old enough to go with us it would be fun for them as well. again thank you akdube.

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    IF you get perrmision from a farmer ask him where he puts his dead cows. or sign up for the road kill program through the troopers for a moose. Fort green on the palmer wasilla highway will have all the supplies you need. If you can find it buy a copy of the trappping manual the state put out a while ago, lots of good info. everything from preping your traps to different kinds of sets to skinning. if you are getting the kids into it set some rabbit snares gaurenteed to keep them interested.

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    If you are just getting started and missed the ATA general trapping school last Saturday, I would suggest you join the local trappers association (Alaska Frontier Trappers Association) out of Palmer. Check out the website at . Always plenty of folks willing to talk trapping and give you a hand getting started. Besides, once you join, you get discounts on trapping supplies from Fort Green and on tanning prices from if you get your furs tanned. Next meeting is Tuesday, November 3rd, 7pm at the Palmer Library.
    Akdube is correct about Pt. Mac getting a lot of pressure. If you want "instant gratification" for the kids, think muskrats. Trapping push-ups is quick and efficient and you don't need a lot of fancy gear to get started. You might think about the Mud lake area (the Butte) for 'rats once everything freezes up. Another area is the Palmer Hayflats, especially if you're willing to walk and get away from the roads.
    Good luck!

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    wanted to chime in and say that for keeping kids interested, don't forget the mighty weasel!

    just building the boxes together can be time well spent, and ermine skins are easy for them to tan and keep.

    that said, I am not familiar with the Pt. Mac area, nor the presence/absence of ermine populations there.....

    Joining the ATA and/or AFTA would be a WONDERFUL start...


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