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Thread: Swarobright vs. HD

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    Question Swarobright vs. HD

    Does anyone have any experience using Swarovski spotters? I have only looked through the spotter with the Swarobright coating, but havenít had the opportunity to look through or compare with the High Definition coating. There is a considerable difference in price ($500), is there a considerable difference in glass?

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    I've looked at them side by side several times. I couldn't tell $5.00 worth of difference, much less $500.00 worth. The dealer said about the same thing, except that he said it makes a little bit of difference if you're taking digital photos through this spotter.
    Best wishes on your selection.

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    I use the Swaravski brand "regular" spotting scope, STS, 20x-60, w/ a 65mm pipe. I've had the oppportunity to do side-by-side comparsions w/ the newer HD glass, regular version, Carl Zeiss and Leica.

    Its my understanding that all of the different optic's companies use thier own coating system; Swarovski brands their own as "Swarobright" or some catchy name like that, others companines use their own system as well.

    A few years ago the newer Carl Zeiss optics were introduced to the Amercian market and were taking market share away from Swarovski, in turn Swarovski built a scope they're calling the "very best" that has "everything" they have built into it. Without debating which brand is better, it is my understanding that thier mission to gain back market share from a competitor was accomplished.

    I suppose it would be fair to say that I'm a Swarovski man, I use thier rifle scopes (plus some other brands), spotting scopes and have many pairs of their field glass'[bino's]. Good optic's.

    At any rate... the "regular" scope versus the "HD" (high density). In my side-by-side comparsion it seems like the HD will be a little crisper imagine in some light situations. If you were looking at a wite paper plate at 500 yards w/ a 1" X 1" square patch of Red in the middle (typical target), with the regular spotting scope you can tell the patch is red, with the HD you can tell what color red..if its "red" or "crimpson". In my epxperince looking at animals at long distance, or up close to count point, horn lenght, or other aspects that hunters normally would do, there is not much difference between the two scopes.

    ...........for whats its worth, the newer Carl Zeiss spotting scope seems like decent glass also. I would have never believed it if I didn't experince it for myself first hand. Much better than the older junk they used to build. But be aware they have different "lines" of optic's also, they are NOT all the same........

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    Default Swarovski man

    I use and own nothing buy Swarovski optics, scopes and bincos. In my opinoin there isn't better, the clearity, and light gathering is unreal plus no eye strain.
    Marc Theiler

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    Default Is the HO worth the money?

    I'll ask for ya. Is the extra 500$ worth it?

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    Default No to HD

    Nothing over 60 and HO not worth it. In any brand of spotting scope. Bino and Rifle scope, let your wallet be your guide. The more you spend the better the view


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