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Thread: Hunting with dad for the first time...

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    Default Hunting with dad for the first time...

    I took my almost-4-year-old out with me this morning. I saw the grouse first and suggested an area my son should scan. He saw the bird and got so excited he almost spooked it. I pulled the trigger on my 20GA and we went and collected our prize. He couldn't wait to get home and show mama "his bird" and now he wants his friends to come over and eat it with him. It was a great experience and my son was surprisingly receptive to being quite while we're hunting. It was almost instinctive how he was able to be quiet(not usual) and methodically look around the alders and up and down trees....
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    That is awesome! I am in the same boat with you this year, as this is the first year I have had the opportunity to take my son hunting. Congrat's to you and your son!!

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    It only gets better. Before you know it you'll be toting a shotgun and never using it. You'll feel like a glorified bird dog. When I take my kids out I take a gun and never do anything but watch them and carry their critters. Congrats on a first time good experience. Jon


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