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Thread: RCBS 1500 Chargemaster or lyman 1200 dps3

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    Question RCBS 1500 Chargemaster or lyman 1200 dps3

    Getting ready to buy a digital scale? Does anybody have any experiences or preferences with these two scales? I want to buy the right scale once so any feedback is appreciated.

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    Thumbs up I reccomend the lyman havnt used the other though

    I have the lyman dps II. it Is pretty cool. Its a fairly intelligent unit and it does all the work for you. Its like having a 3rd arm with braines. It also has a pcu interface cord/disk so you can save your loads on the computer and zap it to the machine. Pretty easy to use. Only thing is its messy when trying to drain out the unused powder from the silo. Very accurate too down to a tenth of a grain.

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    I've used the Lyman and it speeds things up for me. Like Magnum Man said, it does work as a third hand and it does a good job. While it's throwing and trickling the next charge I'm seating the bullet in the prior charge, pretty slick.

    My local Bass Pro has these units for $249.00 everyday.

    I've read several poor comments on the RCBS Charge Master but their customer service seems to be good about replacing faulty units if you chose that route.

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    I've been using the Lyman for several years....I use Lee dippers to speed it up

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    I've been using the RCBS 1500 Chargemaster combo for a couple years now and really like it and no issues to report. It has stayed consistently accurate, I cross check it each session against my balance beam scale. It is rare to have to calibrate it.

    The RCBS is the only electronic unit I have ever used, so can't compare it to the Lyman.


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