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    Hey just looking for any ideas/suggestions for Grizzly bear hunting in the next weekend or two before they den up and/or the snow comes. I'm located in Anchorage and not sure where to head, the closer the better. Done some research and seems the Denali Highway is a good way to go, but with the possible snow up there and the long drive & limited time I have (3 day weekends), it would be a bit of a squeeze.
    Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks

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    Default Grizz Hunt

    There are several places not far. You'd be surprised. If you own a 4 wheeler it helps. I've cut sign on just about every trail I've riden in the valley. I spent over 2 weeks on the Denali this fall. Saw several bears, brown & black but all were sows & cubs. I know people that that just cruz the hiways & do alot of glassing & its paid off for them. It seems that when I'm out fly fishing and don't have bears to much on my mind thats when THEY find me. Well good hunting !!!


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