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Thread: Rabbit or Ptmargin in Eagle River/Palmer/Wasilia Area

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    Default Rabbit or Ptmargin in Eagle River/Palmer/Wasilia Area

    New to Bow hunting and would like any advice on areas to shoot ptmargin or rabbits in the Eagle River/Palmer/Wasilia area on 31 October. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Eagle River area info...

    Not sure you're still needing the info, but I have been learning about small game hunting and here's what I found about Eagle River (ER).

    The Eagle River Management Area (GMU 14C, page 73), is closed to small game hunting except by permit - and requires Basic Hunter Ed. Pdf files of applicable regs can be downloaded at: A handout, available at ADF&G/Anchorage has more details.

    Other information:
    2. Eage River Management Area:
    3. Area biologists:

    Outside of ER, regulations for the Chugach State Park Mgmt Area are less restrictive (hunting is allowed for hare, grouse, ptarmigan), but you'll also encounter Eklutna, Inc holdings (REF: to plan for.

    Good luck.


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