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    …Ed used to be a marine and later retired as an army NCO…. J Just fyi.

    Subject: FW: Ft Greely, Alaska, Colorado Range Known Distance

    To all

    I sent this out today to NRA and CMP. Gene please pass this around since I hear someone in FBNK’s that hasn’t been down here in over 10 years is saying the range is unsafe to shoot on. Tell them to keep their pie hole shut- so when they pull their head out they wont have a bad taste in their mouth.


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    Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2009 6:33 PM
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    Subject: Ft Greely, Alaska, Colorado Range Known Distance

    I have attached a power point slide of the range. I believe this range is listed as meters only. The original range was a 600 yard range just south of the newer housing area and now under part of the missile field. From what I have gathered the range was constructed in the mid 50’s out to 1000 yards, in the late 50’s the Cold Regions Test Center pushed the berms to meters for weapons testing. The 1000 yard berm was left alone and a 1000 meter berm was added. The 2,3 and 600 yard berms were installed 2001? when the range at Ft Wainwright could not be used.
    The 800 & 900 yard berms and 900 meter sign hill were added this month. Please update your range list.

    Ed Christensen
    Delta Junction, Alaska
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    Ed C. a marine= NOT
    Army 20+ years= retired NCO.

    I've fired many rounds/pulled thousands of targets with Ed,hiked a hundred + miles, spent numerous days in spike/base camps Dall Sheep/Caribou hunting & hooked him up to some North Slope lake trout & arctic char.

    Colorado KD Range has been the best/only 1K range in the state.
    Thanks Ed.

    Caribou KD Range on Ft.Wainwright=Sucks shooting into the sun all day!

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    Have shot with Ed and Dan on occasion at Ft Greely. Both know their stuff. If anyone is making misinformed comments about the Ft. Greely range just e-mail Ed to get the straight story. He's put in many, many hours of work to make that range what it is today.

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    I've never competed at Greely, but would like to sometime. The target carriers and pit area looks pretty decent!


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