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Thread: Stolen Bike: Cannondale 1990 SM200

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    Default Stolen Bike: Cannondale 1990 SM200

    My girlfriends bike was stolen last night from the Century 16 parking lot. Really lame since I just got it for her.

    A light blue Cannondale mountain bike, competition series. It was a 1990 SM 2000 pre-shock model. "Cannondale" was stamped on the bike frame in pink letters. It had a black rear mudguard and a small bag attached to the back of the seat. The bag was a drawstring close with a velcro flap. The bike has two quick release tires with a tube size of 26x1.95. The handlebars were horn shaped and wrapped in a soft black tape. The bike was designed to fit a person of my height, which is 5'10". The seat was black and had a tiny little tear on the right side. My Ongurad bike lock was wrapped around the frame. My bike was on my bike rack on my car in the Century 16 theater parking lot. I went a move at 9:30pm and when I returned to my car at 11:50pm my bike was gone. It was not in the parking lot or near vicinity.

    The Picture is of the exact same frame. There probably is only one of these in Anchorage. The handlebars are different but the frame color and type is the same.
    If you see it please call: 764-5499

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    post pic at loc al bike shops and pawn shops. My friend got his rare bike back when someone came into a pawn shop, and the pawn shop called a bike shop to get approximate value, and the bike shop had a photo right there!

    The pawn shop bought it but had to give it back when the APD and my friend showed up. Don't expect APD to follow up unless you find it!

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    Did you post it on also?


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