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Thread: dry ice question

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    Default dry ice question

    I am hoping to bring back some venison from Denver to Anch. via ak air cargo. It will be kept cold but not frozen before leaving. Should I look at using dry ice or just stick to gel packs in a cooler or action packer?

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    Default gel packs

    I would use gel packs in a cooler. Layer the packs with the meat, sort of stacked gel packs-meat-gel packs-meat-etc. I would think that if ou use dr ice(even if it or the meat were wrapped)it might freeze burn what it comes in contact with. Besides the amount of dry ice you would need to protect unfrozen meat could cost you a few pretty pennies if you go beyond the amount that causes you to pay hazardous materials charges. Besides you are only flying from Denver so it isn't like the meat will be in transit for a long period of time.

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    My wife is from Colorado and we have transferred fish and game meat between here and there many times. We usually pack the cooler with the meat on the bottom, generally wrapped in newspaper or with newspaper layering over the top of it. We have generally put about 5 pounds of dry ice on top of that which is wrapped tight in 2 or 3 brown paper grocery bags. We have never had a problem with that. I know some airlines have dry ice rules, but we've never had an issue with it having to be removed. We generally try to pack the cooler tight too, either full of meat/ice, or even packing jackets on top to fill it up. We usually fill the coolers last thing before leaving for the airport, duct tape the lid shut. I am sure the airline folks open it for inspection, but so far (*knock on wood*) they have always closed it back tight and re-taped it. Never had a problem.

    I sent 60 pounds of fish home to California with my parents once using this method. The cooler got 'diverted' to Salt Lake and didn't get to them until 24 hours later. Everything inside was still frozen hard as a rock. I imagine it would have gone another couple days even if it would have been kept sealed tight, but we were definitely worried a bit.
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