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Thread: Favorite Jig Weights

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    Default Favorite Jig Weights

    Looking forward to next year's season, I am going to start casting jigs this winter.

    What are everyone's favorite jig weights/styles? For halibut, lings, rockfish, salmon?...



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    Default small as possible...

    I fish out of Homer and Seward. Most of the time a 12 to 16 oz. jig works. How big a jig I use depends on the tide, water depth, wind and jig shape. I have a bunch of jigs between 8 and 20 ounces. If I could I would never fish over a 8 oz. jig. Fishing a light weight jigging rod and reel with some 50 lb. test line beats soaking bait! Favorite jigs are the white B2 Tripple Glo Squids with scent chamber in 12 oz. weight, some of the Shimano and River to Sea "butterfly" type of jigs with the assist hooks on the top of the jig and the old 16 oz. lead head jigs in white and pink.

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    I fish with 16oz weights MAX. 12 is even better. The boneyard baits grubs are killer, but made of very poor quality. The Kalin jigs are considerably tougher. IMO.
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