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    Question New scope

    Hi all,
    I'm looking for some advice on a new scope. I just bought a new Marlin XS7 in .308 and am looking for a affordable, but well built scope. I'm looking for something with a high zoom in a 40mm. I've looked at the Nikon Coyote with the BDC, what do you all think about it? I saw the Nikon 4-12 40mm last night but the BDC reticles seemed a LOT bigger than the ones on the 3-9 40mm. I'd like to have one with some type of BDC built in either tactical, dots or with circles. Any advice you all have will be great!! Thanks!!

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    Salty: I donít have any direct experience with Nikons, but have a couple of friends that use them and rave about the optics. Also, I think they have a lot fans on this forum.

    The only BDC scope that I have is a Burris 2X7 which so far has been a good scope. With it, you change the power to match the ballistics of the cartridge you are using (in other words the marks below the crosshairs are not linier in mils but graduated to be used in 100 yard increments matching the ballistics). Not always a perfect match of ballistics, but seems to work pretty well with most cartridges if you set the power properly.

    As to your comment about the larger reticule, I would think it would be normal for the reticule to appear larger as you increase power toward 12X over the 9X.?? Sorry I canít be of more help. Maybe some of the others have experience with that scope.

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    You will not be dissapointed with the nikon. IMHO they are the nicest scope for the money.

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    I need to buy a Nikon someday for one of my rifles, have one on my son's .22-250 and it works awesome.
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