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Thread: Alaska Hunting Regulation

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    Default Alaska Hunting Regulation

    Does anyone know if it is possible to obtain an electronic copy of the Hunting Regulations? I know you can download the version that is put out to the public. I am looking for the big book of information that fish and game along with our wildlife officers use.


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    Default NO!

    As far as I know, NO. The hunting rules booklet is: An Interpretive summary of the rules that affect most hunters and have been simplified for your convenience and not quoted verbatim.

    In order to see the actual regulations you have to stop by F&G and request to see them.
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    Default grumble


    I don't have a good source. Best I can come up with is an infobase on the legislature's website:

    You'll want "Alaska Administrative Code." It's searchable, or you can browse it. But it's not a convenient download.

    If I find anything better, I'll let you know.

    Keep in mind, of course, that regulations exist to "implement and make specific" the statutes. If the statutes are clear on their own, agencies don't (or shouldn't) do a reg. The net result to the public is that it's best to look through both the statutes and regulations on a given subject. The statutes are available via that same link: click on "The Current Alaska Statutes"

    You'll notice I said "best," not 'easy.'

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    Wink i have a hard copy of the 2004-2005 book

    1146 pages.
    nothing i would want to download!!!
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