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Thread: Any luck w/ deer in the sound yet?

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    Default Any luck w/ deer in the sound yet?

    I'm heading out in a week..... Just wondering if anyone has any success stories yet. I plan on doing more calling this year than I have in the past. Hoping that will up my chances.

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    was out two weeks ago on 3 islands that have produced well in the past, NOTHING! other than some fresh scat, and not alot of that either.

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    Hunted in the sound the 1st three days of October. We hunted hard and only got 3 deer between three hunters. Worst we have done and we have been going to the same islands for the last 6 years.

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    Hunted with two others in early October. No luck on the first island. We found out there was another group of hunters that had been dropped off in the bay we anchored up in. We left the area after hunting that one day. They had been there four days and had a single doe to show for it.

    The next day we did some fishing on the way to our next anchorage. After finally arriving at the anchorage one two of us hiked through the crap and got above treeline late in the day. Upon arrival we listened to the weather forecast and heard a prediction of 7 foot seas after midnight and building the next couple of days. We decided to skip camping for the night and hunting the next day and headed back down. A little later we came to a steep part that didn't look safe due to lack of visibility. We camped there in a driving rain. We did see a nice black bear that my friend with the tag decided not to take.

    Next morning we got up made our way back to the boat. We left the anchorage asap and had to push through 5-6 foot seas for a while before it mellowed on the other side of Knight Island. The weather forecast was looking iffy so we decided to head back to Whittier. One in our party needed to make it on a plane to the Lower 48.

    No deer, a few fish, still a good time. We also learned a few things. Looking forward to our second season in the Sound next year.


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